Introduction to Mortified

Humorous Essays, Stories, and More from a Lifetime in Funeral Service

What happens when a funeral director and embalmer who always wanted to be a comedian but also desires comfort and security takes up comedy writing in his spare time?

You end up with Mortified.

And with it comes things like this.

Here we will look at the lighter, funny side of one of the heaviest job fields in the world: funeral service. It will be fun and strange and dumb and a little odd. You see, most occupations ultimately reveal their own unique and humorous things that happen, and funeral service is no different. Most of the time, though, people miss those things because they either happen behind the scenes, or, if they do happen publicly, the seriousness of the moment overshadows the ridiculousness.

Through Mortified, you now have access to those weird, funny moments without the heaviness. Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s do this thing. It’ll be fun!

Thank you. You are dismissed.

(Please imagine Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain” playing in the background as you exit.)